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Facilocate is an independent advisor that works side-by-side with clients, affording them the benefit of professional facilities operation and relocation expertise without adding expensive, full-time management staff.

As businesses cultivate positive growth, they often experience the need to acquire more space in order to expand their operation. This could involve additional office space, a building, a corporate campus or expansion of a fleet of geographically dispersed facilities.

Most companies don’t have staff with the time or the needed experience to direct a successful relocation or expansion. Facilocate identifies and bridges the gaps that occur between the work scopes of the design, construction, compliance and transportation functions.

If a business overlooks even one logistical detail during a facility transition, it could paralyze a core process, negatively impacting their client base.  Facilocate mitigates the inherent risks of a relocation and facilitates company equilibrium, workforce productivity and peace of mind.

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"Focus on the destination..."

With decades of experience, our advisors are seasoned facilities operation and management professionals.  We are highly skilled in our industry but our true value comes with the many challenges we have overcome (some quickly and some not so quickly). We are trusted advisors because we have been there.

When you arrive at your new facility, you will be inundated with a jungle of new conditions and situations. From regulatory compliance inspectors to "it's too hot in here and there are no hand towels in the bathroom!" Our advisors will proudly and decisively help you navigate the uncertain waters of your new destination. 

At Facilocate, we leverage our mastery of "all things facilities" by deploying tried-and-true policies, methods and procedures that you can count on every time.  But we don't stop there. We make certain your employees understand and can utilize your new facility with ease and confidence.

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"...and facilitate the journey."

As businesses cultivate positive growth, they often experience the need to acquire more space in order to expand their operation.  Most companies don’t have staff with the time or needed experience to successfully direct the logistics of a relocation, renovation or expansion.

Facilocate crafts your relocation plan, coordinates scheduling and ensures that ample resources are allocated.  We look beyond the journey to your destination, where we utilize post-relocation planning, training and compliance services.  As a result, distraction from your core product or service offering is minimized, so you can sleep better knowing that your staff will be safe and productive at your new location. 


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